Piper Warriors

We are happy to have 3 different Warrior II’s in our fleet! Each is a little different in their equipment and pricing, but all are guaranteed to be a great time and a joy to fly. (More information and images pending for these aircraft.)

N2884D- This aircraft¬†runs 160 horse power engine. This plane rents for $99 an hour “dry”. The other features of this plane include:

  • Garmin GPS 430 WAAS GPS/Nav/Commimage
  • KX155 Nav/Com
  • STEC 55x Autopilot
  • Active Traffic Awareness




N80964- We are thrilled to welcome this aircraft back into our fleet. This plane rents for $87 an hour “dry”. Some of the key features of this plane include, but are not limited to:

  • ADFimage
  • King Dual KX155 Nav/Comm
  • KLN 90B (VFR)
  • 911 lbs useful load,¬† 48 gal fuel cap, 9GPH





N4332N- This little Warrior cruises with its 180 horsepower engine. This plane also rents for $87 an hour “dry”. Some of the best features include:

  • KX155 Nav/Commimage
  • MX 170 Nav/Comm
  • Century Autopilot
  • King ADF
  • KMA24 Audio Panel