Three Wing Aviation is a great place to learn how to fly!

We offer the computerized knowledge test at Three Wing through Computer Assisted Testing Services (CATS). We are the only place at the Bridgeport Airport where you can take you private pilot, instrument, commercial, flight instructor and ATP knowledge tests!

Health Requirements

A person must be in reasonably good health.  Prior to the first solo flight the student must complete a medical examination conducted by a FAA-approved aviation medical examiner.  The general requirements are:

  • Vision must be at least 20/40 without glasses or correctable to 20/40.  Must also be able to identify red, green, and white lights.
  • No nose or throat conditions that would be aggravated by flying.
  • Have proper balance—no vertigo tendencies.
  • Be able to hear a whispered voice from three feet.
  • Have no history of heart or mental/neurological problems.  There are waiver provisions to allow those who have recovered from various conditions to fly.


A person must be at least 16 years of age to fly solo and 17 years of age to be awarded a private pilot certificate.