David Jaundrill CFII
Flight Instructor

Dave Jaundrill, CFII, has been a club member since 1974. Dave started flying lessons with an Army Flying Club at Fort Knox, Kentucky, soloed in 1962 obtaining his Private License in 1964. The Commercial, Instrument and MEL followed and eventually the CFI and CFII. After retiring from his “real job” he began instructing at Three Wing part-time. He concentrates his energy with primary students, flight reviews and IPCs. He has said, “I believe a pilot never stops learning and flight instruction definitely keeps you learning,” and “The Instructor/Student relationship is unique and the importance of a student preparing for lessons is both expected and appreciated.”

Dennis Doyle CFII MEI
Flight Instructor




 Roger Ameden CFI, CFII, MEI                                                                                                                                                                              Flight Instructor

 Roger Ameden has been a pilot since 1971 obtaining his commercial rating in 1974. He holds ATP for both single and multi-engine land planes, a sea plane rating, as well as basic and instrument ground instructor’s certificate. An instructor at Three Wing since 1977, he recently retired from Northrop Grumman in 2014. He flies to have fun. Roger says, ”If you and I aren’t having fun together, I’ll find you a better fitting instructor.”

John O’Neill CFII, Flight Instructor

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