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Three Wing has been teaching people how to fly since 1974. We provide instruction for instrument, commercial and multi engine ratings. Let us help you get your pilot’s license today!

We offer computerized knowledge tests at Three Wing through Computer Assisted Testing Services (CATS). We are the only facility at Bridgeport Airport offering private pilot, instrument, commercial, flight instructor and ATP knowledge tests!

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logo2Aircraft Maintenance Services

At Three Wing Aviation we partner with aircraft owners to meet their needs while guaranteeing the highest safety standards in the area.

Three Wing prides itself on a stellar safety record over its 38 year history.  We go the extra mile to do everything we can to prevent the systems in your aircraft from failing.

We understand that quality aircraft maintenance can be expensive. To help combat this, we make the customer an integral part of the decision making process by informing them of all their repair and upgrade options.

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Frequency Info

Tower 120.90
Ground 121.75
Clearance 121.75
UNICOM 122.95

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